Month: December 2017

Electronics 101: Standard Resistor Values

When we learn the theory behind electronic circuits we often calculate the exact value a certain resistor, capacitor or inductance should have.

However, in reality there is no 23.94 Ohms resistor available as standard off-the-shelf (SOTS) electronic part. Go and check it if you don’t believe me.

The Latest and Greatest vs. Outdated But Robust and Reliable

There are often multiple choices when we are looking for a software tool to do <something&gt;. Some of the possible softwares may be quite archaic, have been around for decades and were used for many different tasks and in many projects throughout their lifetime. Others may be the latest newcomers, have not even hit version 1.0 yet, are built on top of brand new frameworks, libraries and APIs, and come with a modern look-and-feel.

A Git Branching Model

An interesting read about a Git branching model. Not really a novel approach, however still a nice summary on how to use git in the 21st century. Does not point out how to avoid common pitfalls and misses to give some reasoning on why things should be done the way they are shown. Does include a link to a comparison between Git and SVN.

Differences in the Handling of VHDL Code between Vivado and ISE

Today I did play around with Xilinx Vivado a little, take a look at an example project, look at the synthesis and implementation options (not much new) &cetera.
The last couple of years I have been exclusively working with Xilinx ISE 14.4, mostly avoiding the Project Navigator, but instead using the command line tools like xst, ngdbuild, par, trce and so on directly (from a Makefile). To get some feeling for what awaits me when migrating an existing VHDL project from ISE to Vivado I did create a new Vivado project and imported the code of an existing VHDL project. While doing this I stumbled over a few things that Vivado handles more correctly and a few other things which Vivado, for unknown reasons, does no longer handle as well as ISE (or fails to handle at all).
I am comparing ISE 14.4 against Vivado 2015.3 here!

Semantic Versioning

A nice read about Semantic Versioning.

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