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Installation and Configuration of MiniDLNA/ReadyMedia

This is a very brief article or rather a reminder to myself, about how to install MiniDLNA on Ubuntu Server 20.04. I always knew this piece of software by it’s old name MiniDLNA, but apparently it was renamed and is now called ReadyMedia. There don’t seem to be many changes below the hood though.

MiniDLNA is a light-weight media server using the DLNA protocol. Through MiniDLNA a library of media files is created which allows a user to very conveniently browse through the files and start audio and video playback. Most SmartTVs and Android phones support DLNA out of the box.

Band Names #42145

  • Burnt Pretzels
  • Junk Food
  • Out of Toilet Paper
  • The Boat House Groove Group
  • Chinese Hitchhikers
  • The Lawnmowers
  • Failing Steaks on Mushroom Legislation

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