Working on the command line in a Linux shell can be tricky at times. A frequent source of frustration is that tasks which are trivial with a graphical desktop environment can be seemingly much more difficult to achieve on the command line. For example switching between multiple running applications only requires one or two mouse clicks on a graphical desktop, but demands more arcane knowledge to do it on the command line.

The jobs command lists the jobs (processes) running in the current shell session.

The keyboard shortcut [Ctrl+Z] does stop the current job and sends it to the background.

The fg command brings a job back to the foreground and resumes it.

The bg command resumes a job in the background.

The kill command sends a signal to a process. By default this is the SIGTERM signal to terminate the process in an orderly way.

The disown command detaches a job from the shell session. This way a command can continue running even after the shell session terminates.